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The Problem With Traditional Site Logs

Traditional Site Logs (if you can even get them) have Significant Shortcomings:

  1. They´re BIG.  Each page-view can generate 10 or more lines in a Traditional Site Log, one for each graphic on the page.  If you are primarily interested in how people are finding your site and how they are moving through it, you are probably only interested in the HTML entries—that means you are spending 10 times as much time downloading your logs as you need to (not to mention the wasted disk space and processing time).
  2. They´re INACCURATE.  Because of browser- and proxy-caching, up to 40% of your page-views are never logged by Traditional Site Logs.  Site Logs were designed by “tech-heads” to help manage web server bandwidth, not by business people who needed to accurately measure what people are actually seeing.
    Click here for our White Paper entitled “Caching Explained”]
  3. They´re INCOMPLETE.  Site Logs only track one piece of your online exposure.  They can´t log:
    1. Activity on mirror sites,
    2. Content served off non-html servers (e.g. FTP downloads, RealAudio),
    3. Content that appears on other´s sites (e.g. your Ad Banners),
    4. Newsgroup message viewership, or
    5. How people leave your site.
  4. They´re INCONSISTENT.  Many Site Logs are either missing information (no referer or browser fields), or force you to download and collate three separate logs!  And, chances are, when you move your site to another server your new Site Logs will be completely different from your previous server´s logs, making the transition more difficult.


The Solution: BellaCoola Tracker Series

BellaCoola Tracker Logs were designed to solve the problems with traditional site logs.

  1. They´re COMPACT.  BellaCoola Trackers only log the items you´re interested in—you decide how much or how little you wish to track.  For instance, if you are only interested in your department´s online exposure, then only add Trackers to those pages—no need to download and process the entire site´s logs.  Because they don´t create multiple entries for each page-view (unless you want them to), BellaCoola Tracker logs are typically only 10% of the size of traditional site logs.  Plus, they are automatically compressed into industry-standard .zip files at the end of each month for a further 90% savings.
  2. They´re ACCURATE AND FAST.  Even if a page, graphic or Ad Banner is cached, BellaCoola Trackers will log each viewing of the page or graphic without slowing down your site.  Each Tracker is only 50 bytes and is handled by a dedicated high-speed server—while your pages/graphics remain cached for maximum speed.
  3. They´re COMPLETE.  BellaCoola Trackers can track just about anything (whether on your site or on someone else´s): Ad Banners, Web Pages, FTP downloads, RealAudio files, Newsgroup Postings, and Email Signatures.  You can track the complete click-trail from Banner viewing through to purchase.
  4. They´re CONSISTENT AND PORTABLE.  BellaCoola Tracker Logs conform to the industry-standard NCSA Extended Common Log File Format (including referer and browser) so you can process them with any 3rd party analysis software.  And, because BellaCoola Trackers are attached to the content of your site, you can move your site anywhere without affecting your Tracker Logs.  Also, if someone quietly ”borrows” your site´s content verbatim, you´ll know—the offending URL will immediately appear in your Tracker Logs.

Find out more about the BellaCoola Tracker Series and how they can help you make your business more profitable.

Better yet, sign up and start getting the whole picture today!  You´ll see why we´re the professional´s choice for all-in-one web tracking.

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