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BellaCoola Sniffer Series

    ...the industry´s most accurate all-in-one professional web tracking solution.

How BellaCoola® Trackers Work

BellaCoola Trackers are invisible pieces of code that you simply cut-and-paste onto your Web Pages, Ad Banners, Outgoing Links, Newsgroup Postings—just about anything you want to measure.

Every time that any one of these tagged items is viewed (even if it´s cached), a time-stamped entry is immediately added to your private, password-protected, BellaCoola Tracker Log.

You can then view your Tracker Log with your browser, or download it via FTP and process it with any 3rd party web analysis program to produce easy-to-read charts and tables   (We provide you with free analyzers, and discounts on commercial analyzers—everything you need).

Why Wouldn´t I Just Use an Analyzer like WebTrends on my own Server Logs?

Good question.

BellaCoola Trackers work in conjunction with analysis programs like WebTrends.  We create accurate data in a form that analyzers (like WebTrends) can process.

Yes, you could run WebTrends on your server logs, but that would give you a distorted view of what's going on.

  1. You would be analyzing server hits, not true page views (which often differ by 40% or more).  To use our site as an example ( between 11% and 66% of requests (depending on the page) never make it as far as our server (and therefore don´t appear in our traditional server logs).  This is because of browser- and proxy-caching.
    As more and more caches are installed on the net, this discrepancy will only get bigger.
    Take a look and see whether your server logs records people backing up through your site with their browser's back-arrow.  They don't.  BellaCoola Trackers will.
  2. If you charge advertisers on a CPM (i.e. number of eyeballs) basis, you'll be significantly undercharging them if you rely on your server logs.
  3. If you promote your site in the newsgroups, server logs won't tell you how many people are actually viewing your postings.  BellaCoola Trackers will.  Plus, you'll be able to determine click-through percentages for each message signature.
  4. If you're buying advertising banners on other sites, you may get a report showing number of ads served and number of click-throughs, but your server logs won't tell you which people came through from which ad.  (i.e. were they the tire-kickers?  or the qualified leads?)  With BellaCoola Trackers, you´ll get a complete end-to-end click-trail that includes all of your internet exposure.

It's like the old saying goes: "garbage in, garbage out".  The information you get from WebTrends will only be as good as the information you feed in to it.

You'll be basing your decisions on much more accurate information if you run WebTrends on a BellaCoola Tracker Log rather than on your server logs.

The BellaCoola Tracker Series includes three types of Trackers—each optimized for a specific situation:

BellaCoola WebHound
  • WebHound® tracks how people find your site (the referer) including Search Engines and Search Words used.
  • Also tracks how people move through your site, including how they use the back-arrow.
  • Accurate, cache-corrected count of page-impressions and user sessions.

Perfect for:

  • Accurately billing Advertisers:  Measure exactly how often their banners are viewed—typically 40% higher than what traditional site logs show.
  • Improving your promotions: Immediately see what´s working and what isn´t
  • Improving your site design: Verify that people are moving through your site as you intended.  Are they missing the most important pages?
  • Determining the $Cost/Benefit of Banner Ads:  Extract the complete end-to-end click-trail of each visitor from the time they first see your Ad Banner to the time they place an order or leave your site.
BellaCoola Adios
  • Adios® tracks how people leave your site—often indicating what they were really looking for.
  • Also tracks the viewing of all types of content including FTP downloads, Ad Banners, and RealAudio streams.

Perfect for:

  • Combining all your web-exposure data into one, easy-to-analyze, place:  On-site traffic, Off-site links, RealAudio, FTP downloads, Off-site Ad Banners.
BellaCoola NewsHound
  • NewsHound™ tracks the actually viewership for each of your Newsgroup Postings.
  • Tracks who is reading your postings, on which newsgroups, and when they read them.
  • Also tracks which people clicked-through from each of your postings.

Perfect for:

  • Quickly performing market research:  Have an idea for a product/service but aren´t sure whether it´s worth pursuing?  Post some messages to the newsgroups and accurately measure how many people are interested enough to read them!
  • Monitor your ongoing Newsgroup Promotion campaigns:  Use BellaCoola NewsHound to accurately track:
    • which Newsgroups are actually being read (rather than just being places to post)
    • which Topics are being read the most
    • which postings are creating paying clients.

A Comparison of Traditional Site Logs vs. BellaCoola Tracker Logs:

Even if you already have “traditional” site logs, chances are, you´re spending alot more time and effort than you have to, plus you´re probably undercharging your advertisers by up to 40%. 

Click here for our easy-to-follow explanation of browser- and proxy-caching (and 3 solutions to undercharging advertisers) in our very popular free white paper: “Caching Explained: A Simple Guide to Why You´re Undercounting Your Traffic by up to 40%!”...

The following table shows a brief comparison of Traditional Site Logs vs. BellaCoola Tracker Logs.  For a more detailed comparison, see our white paper entitled “The Problem With Traditional Site Logs”.


Traditional Site Logs

BellaCoola Sniffer Logs

File Size:

Often 10 extra lines recorded per page-view (one for every graphic on page)

“More Beef, Less Filler”
Only tracks the items you want
—often 1/10th the size of Traditional Site Logs for faster downloading and processing.

Accuracy and Speed:

Undercounts by up to 40% due to browser- and proxy-caching [click here for a simple explanation and 3 solutions].  Other solutions involve “cache-busting” which slows down site considerably.

Logs each viewing without slowing down your site.
  Does not “cache-bust” page so site remains fast.  50-byte cache-resistant Sniffer is handled by our dedicated high-speed servers.

Integration Between Content Types for End-to-End Tracking.

Only tracks HTML requests that actually reach the server.  Each type of server (FTP, RealAudio, etc.) generates its own (incompatible) log that somehow must be combined.

Tracks all internet exposures in one place:
Mirror sites, FTP downloads, RealAudio, Remote Ad Banners, Newsgroup Postings, and how people leave your site.  Analyze the complete user-session from end-to-end with one tool.


Even if you can get them, they often contain no referer or browser fields (the most useful ones).  Likely to change when you move your site.

Industry-standard ECLF format (including referer and browser)
keeps on working regardless of where you move your site.  Supported by all major Web Analysis programs.


Often not provided.  If they are, they are often deleted before you can get to them.

24 / 7 ACCESS
Easily integrates into leading Web Analysis programs for one-click analysis.
Can also visually check progress of ongoing promotions.
BellaCoola Sniffer logs are archived for a full 3 months.

Setup Time:

Usually a low-priority item for web-hosting services.

As soon as we process your payment, you´ll receive a personalized Login ID and Password so you can start immediately.

Danny Sullivan from Search Engine Watch called the BellaCoola Tracker Series “a wonderful solution” and became a client of ours.

Over 1000 sites applied for our ever-popular Beta program—resulting in a system that is fast, reliable, and accurate.  In fact, our dedicated high-speed servers have tracked over 35 million page-views on behalf of our clients so far.

Just starting out?  No problem.  We offer Pricing Plans for all types of sites: big or soon-to-be-big.  Clients typically report that they triple their traffic within 2 months of using our service.

And, because you are automatically enrolled in our reseller program, you can take advantage of our Reseller / Volume Discounts and earn 20% or more!

Isn´t it time you started seeing what´s really happening on your site?

Sign up and start getting the whole picture today!  You´ll see why we´re the professional´s choice for all-in-one web tracking.

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