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Creating platform independent "smart" web pages

For companies who have had a web presence for at least a year and are looking to improve their business effectiveness, BellaCoola Software Corporation is a web consulting firm that backs its formal technical training with over 10 years of successful business know-how.

  Unlike systems integrators and ad agencies, our firm is focused on the business issues surrounding internet technology in addition to the technology itself.
  Drawing on a global team of talent, BellaCoola's programming expertise includes custom Java, JavaScript, C, CGI, and Perl with an emphasis on NT/Unix database solutions.

BellaCoola Software, 2346 Hamiota Street, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada  V8R 2N2;   Tel: 250/384-6237;   Fax: 250/384-4197

Custom Java, JavaScript, C, CGI, and Perl

Not sure how to bring your existing applications to the Web? Chances are, we've seen a problem just like yours before, and can solve it quickly and efficiently.

For a FREE no obligation quote, please contact John Charlesworth at:

John Charlesworth, founder and President of BellaCoola, has been involved in high technology projects for over 10 years.
  Mr. Charlesworth received his Electrical Engineering / Computer Science degree with first class honors from Queen's University in 1986, then cut his teeth by designing submarine detection systems for NATO. 10 years later, these SONAR systems are still considered "best of breed".
  Mr. Charlesworth received his MBA from Western Business School in 1992 and embarked on a career of helping companies successfully exploit emerging technologies.

Check out BellaCoola’s Case Study of the Month

Will your company be next?

If you have an idea, but aren't sure what's possible, give us a call. We'll help you define your options and focus on those most likely to succeed.
 Who knows—maybe our next success story will be yours. We certainly hope so...

Previous Success Stories

As VP, Product Development and co-founder of In-Touch Survey Systems Inc, Mr. Charlesworth spearheaded its entry into the electronic pen-based public opinion kiosk market.
 In-Touch is a publicly-traded company that is proud to serve major clients including Eddie Bauer, Bob Evans Farms, Ernst & Young and the Royal Bank of Canada. In-Touch currently employs over 40 staff in 3 North American cities.

The Financial Post named In-Touch one of Canada's Top 25 Up and Coming Technology Companies

In only 6 months, IVL captured 40% market share for vocal pitch correctors in Japan's $12B Karaoke market

Mr. Charlesworth was retained by IVL Technologies to head up its new subsidiary, IVL Multimedia (IVL-MM) in Victoria, BC. Using $2M in seed financing and a team of four, IVL-MM developed and launched a line of voice processing chips that correct the pitch of any singer's voice in real-time. These chips also create natural sounding pitch-corrected 5-part harmony.
 Within 6 months of its inception, IVL-MM had garnered over 40% market share, including a sole-supplier licensing agreement with Yamaha Japan for their Karaoke machines. By the end of its first year, IVL-MM had outgrown its parent company (with combined revenues exceeding $10M) and merged with IVL Technologies.

For more information on how your company can profit from a partnership with BellaCoola, please contact John Charlesworth at:

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 Tel: 250/384-6237   email:
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