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Case Study of the Month


    EI Education International (EI Worldwide) Ltd.

Nature of Site:

EI Worldwide's home page

EI Worldwide: a 1000+ page site showcasing university programs in:

  • USA,
  • Canada,
  • UK,
  • Australia, and
  • New Zealand.

Business Issues:

  1. An administrative nightmare: 225 broken (internal) links affecting 892 pages due to manual method of maintaining site;
  2. No Control: Dependence on an external agency for all web site maintenance (at a price);
  3. Errors and out-of-date information on the site: Client information was separately maintained in two places—once in their internal (i.e. corporate) database, and once in the website.

BellaCoola Software’s Approach:

  • PHASE I: Get the site working
  • PHASE II: Build a snap-shot database
  • PHASE III: Build a Dynamic database

The Final Result:

EI's database is fully searchable

EI’s database is fully searchable.

  1. No more broken links: An automated site management tool guarantees this.
  2. Full client control of content: Client’s in-house staff is now able to make their own changes to the site without requiring any knowledge of HTML.
  3. A Self-maintaining site:  The majority of the site's content is extracted directly from the corporate database and synchronized with a database on the web server. As people visit the site, up-to-the-minute content is "poured" into pre-made "moulds" and presented to visitors on-the-fly.  A full site synchronization typically takes less than 5 minutes.
  4. Security: Because only public information is stored on the web server outside the corporate firewall, sensitive corporate information is not subject to attack.

Our Client’s Reaction:

“WOW!!!  It looks really great, and, even better, it really works well!  David [the President] and I are thrilled.  It is very fast too, which is nice.  I thought it would be slower.”

  • Lisa Almond, BComm, Distinction
    Marketing Coordinator & Website Manager
    EI Worldwide Ltd.

“Another outstanding review of our website!!!! One of our newest clients, the Canadian Securities Institute, informed me that one of the keys to them going ahead with us was our website.  My contact's boss was worried about our quality, etc. since they had never heard of us.  She suggested he look at the web, and after spending some time on our site, was quite impressed and they booked. Kudos Lisa and thanks!!”

  • Vice-President, Corporate Services
    EI Worldwide Ltd.
The custom report is conveniently sorted by geographic location.

The custom report is conveniently sorted by geographic region.

Their Clients’ Reaction:

Full details are available on over 350 university programs.  New programs are added daily.

Full details are available on over 350 university programs.  New programs are added daily.

“Congratulations on a good looking website. I was easily able to find the information about our ESL Program and was pleased to see how much information was there. Thanks much for this great service!”

  • Peter W. Lee
    Intensive English Program
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

“I am the representative from the University of Rochester (a listing on your site) who worked with your company to develop our pages.  I just wanted to let you know our pages look great!  Thanks again for all your assistance.  I look forward to the response from students that this site is sure to generate.”

  • Jennifer Majewski
    Coordinator of Publicity and Special Programs
    Office of Special Programs
    University of Rochester

The Details on How We Did It:


We slurped the site into a high-end site management tool and then automatically identified and fixed all broken links.

We also added invisible visitor tracking widgets to analyze:

  • visitor behaviour,
  • search engine keywords being used to reach the site,
  • browser capabilities (plug-ins installed, etc).


We then took the most often changed part of the site and created a number of self-modifying templates.  When re-publishing their site, it would take a "snap-shot" of their corporate database, create the 1000+ HTML pages locally, and FTP them to the server.

The client was now able to fully maintain their site, without having to:

  • call an outside agency each time, or
  • double-check the information on the web site.


The final step was in separating the "content" from the "presentation" of the site on the server itself. 

We built a system that automatically extracted the majority of the site's content from the corporate database and synchronized it with a database on the web server. 

As people visit the site, up-to-the-minute content is "poured" into pre-made "moulds" and presented to visitors on-the-fly.  This content is fully searchable and is automatically kept in sync with the company's internal databases. 

A full-site synchronization typically takes under 5 minutes.

 About BellaCoola Software Corp...

Creating platform independent "smart" web pages.

Custom Java, JavaScript, C, CGI, and Perl

BellaCoola Software Corp. is an international software boutique focused on helping Fortune 500 companies create and maintain smart web pages and dynamic web applications.

Drawing on a global team of talent, BellaCoola's programming expertise includes:

  • custom Java,
  • JavaScript,
  • C,
  • CGI,
  • and Perl

with an emphasis on NT and UNIX database solutions.  Each member of the BellaCoola team has over 10 years' professional experience.

Not sure how to bring your existing applications to the Web? Chances are, we've seen a problem just like yours before, and can solve it quickly and efficiently.

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